・Do you offer kimono?
No. But I would tell you a good kimono shop once we decide a location. Actually, I suggest you make a reservation for kimono as soon as possible. It takes about 60-90minutes to get ready, so please estimate that time in mind. ( It usually takes 60 minutes for 2-3 people, and 75-90 minutes for more people)

All kimono shops open at 9am in Kyoto city. So we can start our photo session at 10am or 10:30am if you wear kimono.

・Do you offer hair-makeup service?
No. But you can ask kimono shops if you wear it.
・Where is locations for fewer crowds?
There are sometimes so many tourists at popular spots. For fewer crowds, I usually recommend Kyoto imperial palace garden. It’s good if you prefer quieter spots but still want to be surrounded by Japanese traditional atmosphere. Also, I love shooting big families with small kids there because we don’t have to worry for traffic cars.
・What if it rains on a photo session day?
If it rains a bit, we still can have a photo session. We might need umbrellas for some photos but I also try to find spots under roof. Basically, we can manage having good photo sessions under rain. Let’s talk a day before our photo session if it seems it would rain. However, if it rains heavily, or there is thunderstorm or typhoon, it is very difficult to do it. In that case, let’s try to find an alternative schedule. If we can’t find any other day, we might need to cancel our photo sessions. In that case, I would return half of deposit.
・Can we change outfits during a photo session?
Yes. You can use your time as you like. Please just keep it mind that it takes a bit of time to change it.
・Will travel time be included in a photo session?
Yes. If you choose a plan for two locations or more, we use some transportation to move. That time is included in a plan.
・Is travel fee between locations included?
No. Please get ready for the travel fee for you and a photographer.
・How can we proceed “Surprise proposal” on a photo session?
For surprise proposal, please see this for details.