1hour, 50 edited photos, 25,000yen.

2hours, 100 edited photos, 35000yen

3hours, 150 edited photos, 45000yen

5hours, 250 edited photos, 60000yen

Plan S

If you want to visit somewhere other than the place above, let’s make the best plan!!
In that case, price will be as follows;
1hr, 30,000yen
2hrs, 40,000yen
3hrs, 50,000yen
4hrs, 60,000yen
Additional 5,000yen per hour will be added for more than 4hrs.
Ex: For 6hours → 60,000yen(for 4hrs) + 5000×2 hrs= 70,000yen.

* Transportation fee between the locations is NOT included.