Best Photo spots for autumn leaves in Kyoto

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There are so many places you can enjoy autumn red leaves in Kyoto. But here are some recommendations.


  1. Tofukuji temple

It is just one stop from Fushimi Inari shrine by JR train, or you might want to walk from Fushimi Inari to Tofukuji temple.


2. Nanzenji temple

It is a bit off the center, but try visiting the philosopher’s walk or Shinnyodo as well.


3. Tenryuji temple

It is just next to the Arashiyama bamboo forest. You can enjoy the green of bamboo, and red & yellow leaves in the temple. There is admission fee to get in there but worth it.


4. Kyoto Imperial Palace garden

Huge park in the center of Kyoto city. Nice strolling around the park.


5. Maruyama park

It is near Yasaka shrine, in Higashiyama, Gion area. Make sure visiting the park while you walk around the area.

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